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Health, Home and Savings

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Several years ago I became familiar with and began using OPC-3®, an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant supplement from Isotonix®.

Later I began taking another Isotonix nutraceutical - Activated B Complex. Then it was the Isotonix Multivitamin and then, after knowing and experiencing all the benefits of these, and a few of their other dietary supplements, I began taking Prime Joint Support Formula®.

Having always been and still active, Prime Joint Support Formula® offered the most for what I most obviously recognized - not simply relief from joint pain, which it does offer, but increased mobility and comfort.

I'm very active, in not only my occupation, but also in my other life and my exercise routines, and I have received many beneficial results and support from Isotonix and its sister products. This is why I am offering these supplements to friends, family, customers and acquaintances as an Independent UnFranchise Owner.

As, with all dietary or nutritional supplements you may use or consume, please read its label in entirety. Most of our product labels are available on-line. If not, please contact me using the Contact Us feature to the right.

IMPORTANT! You can order any Isotonix® or most any other nutritional product we offer at www.healthdougi.com and receive 10% Off by using the Coupon Code: 10OFFMA (all letters capitalized). This also applies to a wealth of other products at www.shopdougi.com (more later).

Youth is the gift of nature, but age is a work of art. - GARSON KANIN

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Well, not only just products for around the home, but other personal products and brands you may normally find through most any retailer, but with Cashback Rewards of up to 50% of your purchase at shopdougi.com - clothing, home accessories, outdoor equipment, electronics, travel, groceries, etc.

For additional savings check out the following features and programs:

Cashback - cashback rewards of up to 50% of purchase price
ShopBuddy - for active on-line shoppers, couponers and those who simply love to save money.
SHOP Local - support local businesses while saving.
Raise - discounts off gift cards
Hot Deals - go figure

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