Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Garage Sale! - Bethel United Methodist Church - Just in Time for Spring Cleaning

Wanna get rid of some stuff, or a lot of stuff...that stuff that's been cluttering your home or has just been around way, way too long? Be gone with it.

It's time again for the Bethel United Methodist Church Annual Garage Sale. Well into our umpteenth year, this is time for you to lighten your load and aid a church which helps the community.

Garage Sale: May 12 and 13 from 8am to 2pm

Preview Sale for church members will be held May 11 from 5 to 7pm.

Hot dogs, chips and drinks will be on sale to support the Todd Lutz Scholarship Fund.

Search your closets, climb those attic stairs and dive deep into the basement for treasures (or otherwise) and all those morsels you no longer find of-need or desire, and make them available to those who might find such to be beneficial, perhaps interesting.

We are not only asking for contributions from church members - we now have members with near-empty homes. Ha! We are asking for contributions from the community. And, we are asking for volunteer assistance from the community as well...more on that in a moment. 

Okay, if you wish to contribute, and you should, we are asking for, but not limited to the following: small appliances, flat screen TVs, tools, toys, gently used clean clothes in good repair, home items, and on and on. No computers please. Please make sure to dust your items and ensure they are in good working order.

Please feel free to run with the on and on part if you must, as we have had some pretty unique and interesting STUFF at our garage sales.

If in doubt, please contact Karen Furr (803) 240-4642.

Donations may be dropped off at the Pool Activity Building (located behind our church at the intersection of Bethel Church Road and Willingham Drive) on the following days:
  • April 11th 4:30 pm – 7:30 pm
  • April 25th 4:30 pm - 7:30 pm
  • April 30th 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm
  • May 6th 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
Church members or those with access to the church office area may leave donated items in the designated bins outside of the church office.

Please contact Karen Furr (803) 240-4642 with any questions or to consider any pick-up or delivery arrangements.

Regardless of being a church member or not and you wish to volunteer for collection, set-up or assisting with event sales, please contact Karen Furr (803) 240-4642. We welcome you.

Proceeds go toward Bethel United Methodist Church's General Fund.

Thank you.

Knowing, Loving, Serving…So the World Will Know Christ’s Love

Monday, April 3, 2023

Lady Banks Rose...Redux


Lady Banks Rose - March 2023
This is a Lady Banks Rose, after some (much) rehab. I believe I brought up wanting to work on her while doing another project on this property I love. (See "A Tale of Two Camellias".)

Mrs. "B" gave me permission to do so while hubby, "T", was cooking some delicious "Q" back on the smoker. (This initial thing is fun.) I have been the recipient of some of this fine pork product as well as some of the three tasty sauces he also makes. His hash is heavenly, as well. Don't dare ask for any 'cause it ain't for sale. You're either "In" or you're going home on an empty stomach - the price is privilege. And, I got that...yeah. Ha!

Lady Banks Rose, July 2022 - Before Pruning
Oh, the Lady Banks: This particular diamond was definitely roughing it. This lady had become a tramp. She was being held up by 8, 10 or 12 (I stopped counting) trellises (crutches) as if her next stay was going to be at assisted living. She was a mess - a big blob of previous beauty bending the iron of the trellises as she reached out everywhere, often to the ground. (See "She's a Lady. Well, Perhaps Not So Much.")

So, I got to work. I could have simply made a few easy cuts to take her almost to the ground, but it would have been another two to three years before she would have shown off like this. I did so last July. Yes, you can do this that time of year if you know what you're doing. I performed some thoughtful pruning with consideration for future growth.

Lady Banks Rose, July 22 - After Pruning
After she saw the results of my work, Mrs. "B" seemed concerned as to whether or not Lady Banks would recover. And, 7 months later, voila.

Could she use a well-grounded arbor? Sure. Or, I can prune her majesty a few times a year and she can hold court all on her own with the natural look. Of course, this may also provide me the opportunity to receive more "Q" from "T".

If you have an "LB", take care of her with some "TLC" or she will become a "BIT..". Never mind.

Monday, March 13, 2023

Occasionally, Simply Kneel and Be Thankful


I dare not reveal my religious beliefs as they may be somewhat irrelevant to what I wish to convey. 

And, it is oddly amazing how one's personal and spiritual beliefs and practices offend so many when I know this is due course and personal freedom in one's life.

Fear no criticism.

Although I have a taken a knee to seek help, as my God is forgiving, I have usually done so to give thanks, often with tears of joy.

Tonight was another cause for joy as my 94-year old mother, who has been going at it with the Cubii (See Seniors: Sit and Get Fit...Yes, Really), seems to be gaining more confidence with her mobility.

My brother called while we were watching a show and she walked off to go speak to Paul. My mother wasn't taking quarter or half steps - she was walking. Yesss!

He and she have such in-depth conversations and he was so glad to know she is more independently mobile. She is amazing, lucid and comical at times.

These are those times when I kneel, giving thanks.

Religious or otherwise, kneeling and prayer (for whatever, or to whomever) allows one to give thanks to or ask for assistance from, or give praise to a higher someone, other than oneself. 

It becomes relief and may bring solace or strength, or both. Prayer helps one bring their God and others into their situation...their world. 

Assuming you are with all, and your God is with you, is more powerful and comforting than all you will achieve or the hardships you may endure.

Give thanks and you will need less, and gain a life of spiritual fortune.

If you are breathing and sensing all around you, good or bad, be thankful...you are living!

Live life with little abandon for your potential, but with great concern for others.

Sunday, March 5, 2023

Here We Go Again...Those Early Spring Lawn Weeds

Every homeowner wants a beautiful lawn...certainly.

I haven't provided basic lawn care in quite a while, but when I did, I studied lawns, soils and turf grasses just as I continue to study shrub and tree care.

Slightly earlier, due to weather, this is that time of year when those lawn weeds may seem more prevalent than our turf grass.

If you have or have had a well-established lawn, the presence of weeds, now or over the next few weeks should not be cause for much alarm. I'm not stating this emphatically, but my experience with many, many properties, is to simply wait it out.

In other words, don't go to extremes or spend much time and money trying to resolve an issue which will probably go away on its own - by nature's accord.

Over the years (this time of year) I have received many calls from customers concerned about prolific weeds in their lawns. These are usually identified as dandy lions or cat's eyes/ears or whatever. I can't keep track. Many of these weeds are annuals. This doesn't mean their off-spring won't come back next year; however, they are usually short-lived. A healthy lawn (evergreen, by nature) will usually win out.

Following are a few things you or your lawn service can perform:

  • Set mower height one inch below what is set during the growing season and mow even if the grass is not yet high (probably not) to lower weeds and catch their weed heads/flowers.
  • Use a collection bag on your mower. You don't want to distribute weed heads/flowers about your lawn.
  • If your lawn debris is not carried off or bagged, but placed roadside, spray it with water so that weed heads/flowers can't be blown back onto your property by the wind. Shake out your mower bag well and perhaps rinse it with water while not on your lawn. Do not place the debris in a compost pile.
  • You probably didn't remove all the weeds, but you just removed most of the reproductive elements and now you can at least see your lawn.
  • Yet, you may have some broadleaf weeds which love to spread out wide and retard turf grass growth by blocking sunlight. Use a specific (friendly to your turf grass - read the label) weed killer or use a weed removing tool, Trake, trowel or mattock to remove. Some of these weeds will be deep-rooted so you may want to spend some extra time getting their roots out of the ground.
  • Water your lawn. All plants love water (including weeds), but your turf grass roots' growth will aid in preventing weed growth.
Hopefully, these few measures will have your lawn looking healthy and well in the coming weeks.



Seniors: Sit and Get Fit...Yes, Really


My mother just celebrated her 94th birthday two days ago.

She experienced her first fall three years ago while walking into to a fitness class. Her second fall, the same year, was on the front stoop while entering her home.

My mother is not particularly athletic. In fact, she'll be the first to tell you so, but she has always tried to stay fit and is active - physically, socially, etc. She will go to the gym and walk or stroll through the neighborhood when the opportunity arises and the assistance is available. This is not often enough.

She has no fear of leaving this world, but she's not going to do so lying around waiting for such.

Several months ago we noticed her toddling. You know, taking those little quarter-steps without hardly raising one's feet.

During that time, I saw a TV ad for Cubii. I was interested.

We had planned to get her one for her birthday, but I couldn't wait any longer after she recently told me about a few times when she felt less confident with her legs. She had learned when and where to use her rollator or cane, and also travel solo, somewhat safely. But, this was cause for alarm.

This was and is my thought: Seniors become less active, less mobile, therefore spending less time using or exercising their legs, the very body part which keeps them mobile and off the ground, the floor.

It's a self-fulfilling problem: Quit using one's legs and mobility lessens and potential for injury increases.

Cubii seemed like a viable solution to this problem. It was.

I ordered the base model with the floor pad and foot straps - not the mobile unit or all the app stuff, knowing Mom would never not take advantage of it. The ordering process was easy and shipping was quick despite choosing standard shipping. Assembly was somewhat easy; however, don't expect a senior to do so easily. 

She began using Cubii the night we gave it to her and used it most anytime she sat in one of her favorite spots - at the end of her couch near an end table where she can do crosswords, read, watch TV, make phone calls or enjoy a glass of wine.

Within as little as two days she wasn't toddling. She wasn't taking full adult strides, but she was taking longer strides and lifting her feet off the ground, not shuffling. Yesss! Go Mom.

The Cubii is pretty much a recumbent bicycle in a much, much smaller footprint. And, it is smooth and quiet.

Within the last week my mother's sister and an acquaintance have ordered a Cubii.

Check it out at https://www.cubii.com/ and Get Cubiing!!

You may help a loved one get fit and stay above ground, in more ways than one.

Sunday, February 12, 2023

Boston Butts are Back!

UPDATE: These Boston Butts are Gluten-Free.

I received a question from a customer regarding this and my first thought was, "Yes. They are gluten-free."

Butt, I checked with the chef of these fine mounds of deliciousness, just in case, and the answer was, "Yes, they are gluten-free."

The MOB (Men of Bethel) of Bethel United Methodist Church took a hiatus over the last few years and our Boston Butt Bonanza last fall was a huge success; however, it was our condensed version for reasons outside of our control. 

Once again, we are having our semi-annual Boston Butt Bonanza (bigger and better) and this is a wonderful time to let someone else do the cookin'.

In fact, these wonderful cuts of pork, smoked and prepared by Award Winning Smokers -  DOKO Smoke BBQ - will be available just in time for Easter.

Or, do you even need a holiday to enjoy such flavor? Heck no.

Get creative! You can freeze your butt off (in the freezer) and feed your family and friends later, host a party or have some bona fide pulled pork for your next picnic.

No ifs, ands; just butts - one of the best butts you'll ever get your hands on.

The Butt: A cooked-weight of approximately seven (7) pounds of shapely deliciousness, packaged in tin foil...Only $40.00.

Proceeds go to church and community projects including funding for Family Promise (hosting homeless families once per quarter), sponsoring and volunteering for the National Prayer Line the first Saturday of each month and funding for Sheriff Leon Lott's Elder Watch Program.

Tickets are now on sale through March 29 at the Bethel United Methodist Church office Monday through Thursday 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The church is located at 4600 Daniel Drive in Forest Acres.

OR, you can use the purchase feature below and select as many butts as you can handle.

Pick-up for the Boston Butts will be between 4PM to 7PM Friday, April 7 - just in time for Easter. Pick-up will be in the rear parking lot, off Willingham Drive.

IMPORTANT! If you use the on-line purchase feature above, please print and bring your receipt when picking up as this will serve as your ticket. Your receipt will come from dingbretsen@gmail.com, so please check your e-mail spam or junk folder if you don't shortly find this in your in-box.

Please contact Doug at 803-553-5757 if you have any questions or difficulty ordering.

Thank you, very much!

K N O W I N G,  L O V I N G,  S E R V I N G

Saturday, January 28, 2023

Leon Lott to Meet with the MOB - Saturday, February 11

UPDATE: We are providing quiche and fruit for breakfast - not asking for contributions for the meal. So, please let us know if you plan to attend.

Richland County Sheriff, Leon Lott, is to sit down with the MOB (Men of Bethel United Methodist Church) Saturday, February 11, at 8:30 a.m.

This regularly scheduled monthly breakfast for which Leon occasionally visits with Bethel United Methodist Church is open to the public - men, women and children.

This is a chance for you to meet with our sheriff, listen to what he has to say and allow him to field some questions you may have - I am certain there are plenty.

If you wish to attend, please do so by using the CONTACT US form to the right (indicating how many attendees) so that we may plan appropriately for accommodations and food.

During his visit, Sheriff Lott receives a donation from Bethel to assist his department or for a community cause.

Bethel United Methodist Church is located at 4600 Daniel Drive in Forest Acres on the corner of Daniel and Willingham Drives.

The breakfast is held at Pool Activity Hall - the closest large building adjacent to the parking lot off of Willingham Drive. There is also parking in front of the church on Daniel Drive.

Feel free to come at 8:00 a.m. to meet some of the MOB and settle in.

We have always enjoyed a wonderful and informative event when we meet with Sheriff Lott, so we hope you are able to come out with us.

Again, this is open to the public.

Please respond to this post using the CONTACT US form to the right (indicating how many attendees) so that we may plan appropriately for accommodations and food.

We hope to see you February 11!

Please share this with friends, family and neighbors by using one of the features below.