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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Little Blue-gray House Update

Some of you had requested an update on the Little Blue-gray House after reading our other post regarding this property - Beauty (Restoration) is in the Eye of The Beholder (Customer).

After finding the little blue-gray house and completing the latest project on this property we were left with this, a partial view of the structure if we looked around the next little jungle we were to tackle.

Other than having a better view of the underside of this house and not knowing what or whom had been eating and/or living under there, we found what appeared to be an old wooden barrel or at least the metal hoops from such and a few pieces of the wood of the barrel.

Other than that it was all plant life, mostly unwanted and plenty of it.

I've been around and pruned many a pittosporum and I've never been so offended by their fragrance, if you will, but taking a chain saw to this gigantic sprawling crab-like monster and removing the roots, wasn't quite so pleasant on the olphactories.

There was the dead dogwood with three co-dominant stems which didn't want to fall because of all the vines which had brought about its demise and had weighed anchor in nearby somewhat healthy trees.

Fortunately, the front porch of the blue-gray house gave us some respite from the scorching sun and the rare and occasional downpour.

Okay, there was no end to the amount of vines which not only had to be removed, but affected the removal of most every plant and the pruning of the few plants which were to remain.

The palmetto (pindo palm, actually) tree was the gift, the prize. I pruned its boot jacks (dead fronds) up to the height of new fronds and she looks gorgeous. 

I am so glad we first uncovered the little blue-gray house and then exposed it for whatever it is.

This property is dead-center in one of the best areas of Forest Acres, but this snapshot could easily be from an island in the Lowcountry. Only we know.