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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Craftsmen's Classic Art and Craft Festival

Craftsmen's Classic

Craftsmen's Classic Art and Craft Festival 
March 2, 3 and 4, 2018 
Columbia, SC - State Fairgrounds

It's time again. Come out and enjoy the show, the arts, the crafts and vendors.

For more information please go to Craftsmen's Classic Art and Craft Festival.

And, come see me and the staff from MeadowCroft Farm at booth 3622 at the rear of the Goodman building.

We are usually busy and sometimes (often) swamped with customers, but we will get you what you want.

Please remember, after a day or so, we do run low on some of our most popular products, but you can purchase whatever you want that is available and we will hold it for you as you enjoy the rest of the show.

Seven years ago I began working with MeadowCroft and four years ago Columbia became it's Number One show. I'll take some credit along with our long-time and new customers throughout the state of South Carolina.

There are over 60 different tasty and healthy products. 

Come out and get pickled!

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