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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Indoor/Outdoor Japanese Maple

Japanese Maple 'Red Dragon' - Before Pruning
Japanese Maple 'Red Dragon' - Before Pruning
This is Acer palmatum var. dissectum 'Red Dragon' - Lace Leaf Japanese Maple 'Red Dragon'

I've been trimming this girl for many, many months, not nearly as much as other trees and shrubs because I don't like to intervene with japanese maples much after I initially prune them or until they show me what they want to do.

Well she was approaching that mass of leaves and color resembling a red blob - not quite fond of blobby looking plants of any type, particularly not a japanese maple. And, all that dense growth is not healthy over time.

Japanese Maple 'Red Dragon' - After Pruning
Japanese Maple 'Red Dragon' - After Pruning

Here she is after some pruning for aesthetics, but mainly for health - airflow and sunlight. It does help to know what her intent is and where and how to make what types of cuts.

Japanese Maple 'Red Dragon' in Vase

Well, I actually did this the day before Thanksgiving and thought about taking some of these cuttings indoor and this is the result.

These aren't (at all, nada) your typical cutting plants - they are woody stems which just lost their home. Don't expect much here, most japanese maples were grafted before you ever got them to put in the ground or a pot.

Although I did put them in water, we only got about two good days from them, but that was enough to add some killer color and shapes for the holiday. Enjoy while you can.

You go, Red Dragon.

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