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Friday, December 15, 2017

Don't LEAVE it Alone

I have mentioned this before, but having had several customers contact us late last January about clean-up of Mother Nature's debris (leaves, needles, berries, etc.) so late in winter, I thought it worth mentioning again.

Last year was somewhat confusing for many trees as we truly didn't have any consistent cold-enough (for complete shedding) temperatures for our deciduous friends.

I remember finally being called to properties and finding several inches of leaves and straw - not that evergreens are deciduous, but they still rid themselves of what they don't want when not needed during the colder climes.

This year is different and much of what will fall, already has. So either get out there yourself, call your regular lawn service or call us.

Your lawn, whether somewhat green, beige or brown, still needs air, water and a little sunlight wouldn't hurt although photosynthesis is of no importance right now. Why? Grass roots. They are trying to store as much food and energy for the coming spring and are going to have a much better go at it if you help them out.

Tip 1: If the pine straw in your beds is low, compacted or is of little consequence, and you plan to replace it or add to it in the spring with new straw, save yourself some time and effort and blow or rake fallen needles and/or leaves into the beds for some extra oomph until spring. Don't go about creating a bed around that tree that has healthy grass hugging up to its trunk just to save some time - again, those roots still need a little help.

Tip 2: Don't forget to clear off those man-made surfaces, decks, walkways, awnings, etc. as you may regret the look and extra time cleaning come spring time. I once neglected a lakeside patio for about two months one wet and windy winter and regretted the cleaning and staining I could have avoided - Mother Nature's wet, dead debris stains and erodes many surfaces and finishes.

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