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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Redefined Borders and Japanese Maple Bed

Plant Bed Before Redefining Borders
This is a beautiful cluster of azaleas, but we recommended to the customer to redefine and extend the border for greater distinction between bed and lawn.

We used a manual technique which better holds in mulch and is easier to maintain over time, even using an electric trimmer/edger.

We also ran a drip line off of a faucet timer under the walkway and throughout out this bed and the new bed we were to install.

Plant Bed After Redefining BordersHere is the result of redefining the border around the azalea bed. Actually it extends further down around other plants and ends at a cluster of juniper in the corner of the property.

Next, we designed a plant bed in the area at the corner of the walkway and driveway where we had removed about three to four dead indian hawthornes and one azalea for transplanting.

The drip line was installed prior along with the azalea bed irrigation.

Japanese Maple Bed SiteThe soil was amended to adjust the pH per soil samples we had tested, the planting holes were amended with compost and we applied and secured landscape barrier/weed blocker after planting.

We installed a bloodgood japanese maple, and three each of pink muhly grass and beyond blue fescue, with the focal point being from the center of the lawn, streetside.

It's difficult to truly appreciate newly installed young plants particularly way short of mature height and spread, but give these grasses some growing time, sunshine and warmer weather and they'll start showing their true colors and potential.

Japanese Maple BedThe japanese maple just needs some time to feel out her new environs and stretch out her limbs a little. I'll be back to prune her some time when she shows me what she wants to do.

This is about the third or fourth project for this property. Next up, other than some care for the health of the soil and lawn is removing some more dead hawthorns and hopefully planning another bed.

Thank you J and R!

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