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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Lime and Fertilizer Application

Well, we've had or are having a little more Spring weather than we have had for the last few years and soon will be the right time to fertilize our lawns and adjust its pH.

I have already spoken with several of you for whom we have already performed soil tests and I will be working on getting some figures to you for fertilization and liming.

For the other customers we have done soil tests for we will be glad to review them and see what needs to be addressed - what, at what amount - and provide a proposal to perform such.

If you haven't had a soil test(s) performed, there is probably a safe solution where at least you can have a greener lawn and may wish to address the other factors of the health of your lawn's soil by having a soil test performed. This will enable you to address the longer term concerns of your lawn's health.

Pleas use the contact form or give Doug a call at 803-553-5757.

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