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Friday, July 20, 2018

I'll Have a Yoshino with a Cherry, Please

Yoshino Cherry Tree Before
When I first visited the owners of this property, I saw this yoshino cherry tree (Prunus × yedoensis) and said, "I want to get my hands on this girl, someday." Yoshino actually is a Japanese name for females meaning respectful.

Well, first things had to come first and after several other projects I finally had my chance the other day.

I loved her branch structure and where she was located when I first saw her, but I told the customer we can make her healthier, happier and a little more attractive than she already was.

I have worked on the surrounding beds and the customer also does a wonderful job of trimming some of the shrubs nearby.

Some of the pruning needed was obvious and then I had to spend the time to figure out what she wanted and needed to do, and then make the proper cuts.

Yoshino Cherry Tree After
There were some awkward, diverted and cross branches, and some congestion, and then I had to prune for the future, but with the mostly spreading and open crown I was able to make those calls fairly easily.

Of course, bringing the canopy up brought a few degrees of separation and makes both the yoshino cherry and the surrounding plant bed stand out.

This wasn't bloom time for her, but below is what another similar yoshino cherry looks like in the spring. Yoshinos are the predominant cherry trees in Washington, D.C.

You may wish to have one on your landscape, but during extended periods of moisture they may become susceptible to shot hole fungus. I started noticing the symptoms about a year after the flood of 2015. I am going to be treating one late fall to early winter this year to see if the fungicide is effective, but it is a foliar application and it may be difficult to treat the entire tree.

Yoshino Cherry Tree The results from the pruning of a japanese magnolia (tulip-like flowers) and a dogwood on the property weren't as pronounced, but needed to be done for other reasons.

We rarely identify our customers or their address, but we do nickname some properties and this is the Sheltie House, because they have two gorgeous (most are) and quite vocal (most are) Shelties.

Now they have an even prettier Shino.

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