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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

She's a Lady. Well, Perhaps Not So Much.

Lady Banks Climbing Rose and Broken TrellisMany of you may be familiar with Lady Banks Climbing Rose - Lady banksiae. 

And, I wish this picture would have been taken during bloom for those of you who aren't familiar with this wonderful thorn-less rose.

She is beautiful and can reach, quite quickly, great heights and sprawl out beyond what many anticipate.

This Lady, well, she got just a little too amorous with Mr. Trellis and things went south.

She had wrapped herself around him, broke him down and pulled him away from the wall. Perhaps, her love for him was the death of Mr. Trellis. He was half the man (trellis) when I addressed this and the remaining half was not pretty, at all. Okay, enough of that.

Unfortunately, I had only been trying to care for almost every aspect of this property's landscape for a little over six months and all I had time to do was to keep her outward growth at bay so she would be somewhat presentable and so the homeowner could easily get her vehicle past her when she was showing off - the shrub, not the homeowner.

Lady Banks Climbing Rose on New TrellisBut no, Lady Banks received all the attention (my fault), while Mr. Trellis' ails went unnoticed, until I began thinking about pruning the Lady back before winter.

I ordered two of these trellises, painted some attaching hardware, put them together and gave her a new partner, whom I hope she will go more slowly with.

Of course, come late winter, she is going to get a make-over and I will ensure she knows where to go and how to behave over the ensuing months - I sense a great relationship ahead.

For those of you who may remember Tom Jones or even those who experienced his regeneration over the last decade or two - hell, I don't know - I thought I would provide a She's a Lady video. That is, with big belt buckle, low-buttoned shirt, big gold chain, sequined jacket and some swirling hip moves, all included.

Hey, he was having fun and a lot of Lady's loved him. Enjoy!

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