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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Spring Crabgrass and Weed Control - Pre-emergence Application

Stinging Nettle
Coming up, in the next few weeks, will be the time to put down crabgrass control and suppress some of the spring and some summer weeds which will germinate in our lawns in the coming months.

You can somewhat disregard what you've ever heard about what days or dates to apply this because it has more to do with soil temperature than time-of-year.

We are going to apply pre-emergence (including potash - potassium) in the coming weeks
at the following rates:

Lawn (not property) Square Footage

Up to 8,000...$50.00, refer a nearby friend or neighbor*...$40.00
8 to 12,000....$55.00, refer a nearby friend or neighbor*...$40.00

* Refer a friend or neighbor who lives within four miles of you who commits to having their lawn treated and receive $10.00 off.

Treatment will only be applied to lawns and over-broadcasting on to man-made surface will be blown or swept back on to lawn.

Property owner should water their lawn for at least twenty minutes as soon after application as possible.

And, please be advised, crabgrass and many other weeds are usually not the cause of an unhealthy lawn, but rather, unhealthy lawns (such as lack of or improper watering, mowing too short, unfertile, over-fertilized or unbalanced pH soil, wrong turfgrass selection) allow such un-wanteds to occur.

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