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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Reely? Water a Wonderfully Long Life

Suncast Hose Reel
A couple of years ago I was using a customer's water hose and noticed how I loved she had a true rubber water hose and how easy the hose reel was to use.

Then she told me she had not really thought about it, but this was the only hose she had in the back yard for about 18 years. That's amazing.

This hose had lasted so long because it was housed in a reel system by Suncast, mostly hidden from the sun.

The other hose in the front yard was one of those plastic type semi-rigid type plastic hoses re-enforced for whatsoever - perhaps re-enforced to kink and be more difficult to use.

Rubber hoses are so much easier to use and rarely kink and when they do they don't cinch or create a problem you have to walk down the hose to correct - just whip them out from where you are and you are off and watering.

Every hose, not so much with rubber ones, but all the others, get kind of funky and break down when exposed to the sun and being coiled and re-coiled in some odd fashion and left in a plant bed or near a home's foundation.

The Suncast model above is the one my customer used and it sounded familiar as I have used several other Suncast products before, but mainly for patio/deck or storage boxes, which I just purchased two more of.

I just purchased the hose reel system above along with a 100' rubber hose. I'm still fairly young, but this hose and reel system may outlive me.

A Few Key Points:
  • Rubber water hoses are the most durable and easiest to use.
  • Rubber hoses, protected from drying and sunlight in an enclosure, may outlast you.
  • A durable, enclosed hose reel system may mean you aren't buying expensive/low-quality hoses every year or two.

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