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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Go Make Your Bed. Right Now!

Perhaps you have heard or heard yourself saying the title of this post before.

And, the image to the left, even if you click to enlarge it, still may not seem that interesting and the results (see next image), not so dramatic.

Yet, this and all our projects interest me in some fashion or I wouldn't choose them. Even a down-in-the-dirt, not-much-thought-required cut-back and clean-up project deserves our best - perhaps not so intriguing in execution, but definitely satisfying in the results, even if not so dramatic or pristine.

We have other, rather larger projects going on which range from acquiring support for or performing tasks such as laying, stamping and staining concrete, irrigation and drainage, sodding and seeding to hardscaping and re-doing or designing plant beds; yet, this slight make-over of a dogwood tree and its bed is just as important.

Not so obvious, as I didn't take a photo of the truly bad side of the tree, but a monster multi-stem vine had already had its way with and caused the demise of several of the dogwood's branches. Several previously bad cuts had been made on branches and ivy had run amok on the tree and in the bed. It is difficult to eradicate ivy, but at least she is no longer taking over the tree. Some other pruning for health and aesthetics was also performed and fertilizer was applied to the bed.

There were other foreigners and volunteer plants trying to take hold in the bed as well as a few weeds.

I changed the linens, cleaned things up and used a few hospital corners.

On this same property I had already performed another similar project on a row of crepe myrtles, which are hardier, while dogwoods seem to have more issues and the occasional mature branch partially dead. We know how beautiful their blooms can be, so they are worthy of some good attention.

The point is, take a look around and target a bed, a part of your property or a tree and focus on it.

Most of our customers know I will dissuade them from addressing too many aspects of their property at one time, for various reasons.

Actually, the results are more easily digested and more enjoyable as you see them occur in different areas unless you are totally impatient or believe you can persuade Mother Nature to go along with your every wish.

No, I didn't provide the bird feeder. The after picture was taken at a different angle. Or, a squirrel hung it there when I wasn't paying attention. You know how much they love bird feeders.

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